Scientific Excursions for Exploration and Awareness

The first exploratory such excursion was in the northern part of the United Arab Emirates to explore the caves. Although Caves and karst studies were previously limited to the vertical cave of Jebal Hafeet, both caves and karst are known to exist in the northern UAE Mountains, but no substantive scientific observations existed. The recent EGS expedition, in collaboration with a specialized team from Slovenia, was the first of its kind in the UAE. Its observations were recorded in some of the publications above.

Between 2011 and 2017 several exploratory visits to interesting local geographical sites were made, the two most notable being:
  • 2011: An excursion to Jabel Hafeet (UAE) with scientists from NASA.
  • 2017: An exploratory trip to hot springs and Aflag in Northern UAE.
EGS has also arranged a number of recreational and awareness visits beyond the borders of UAE :
  • 2012: Al-Ahassa (Saudi Arabia)
  • 2014: Delhi (India)
  • 2015: Tunisia
  • 2014: Egypt

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