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The Emirates Geographical Society is an independent non-profit association, dependent to some degree based on government cooperation and private sector funding. These contributions are used to cover expenses related to EGS activities and programs. We extend a heartfelt gratitude to the following donors, without whom the fruits of the palm tree – our scientific, practical and educational achievements - could not be realised.


Equally important branches of the palm tree are our scientific and academic partners with whom we collaborate in research and educational activities. we are presently preparing for registration with the International Geographical Union (IGU), the most significant global collective for geographers around the world. Our other principal partners are listed below.
Further, In developing relationships with other geographical institutions within and beyond UAE, The EGS has concluded out a number of memoranda of understanding. These include:

      2014, Ministry of climatic change & Environment, UAE
      2015, University Paris Sorbonne- Abu Dhabi
      2016, Karst Research Institute-Slovenia