Distinguished Emirati Geographers

Here the EGS honours eminent and distinguished UAE Geographers who have for several years contributed to practical, research and academic geography and to community development

Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi

Ruler of Sharjah (1972-present). His Highness is holding a number of honorary doctoral degrees, and he has various literary and theatrical works.

Shihab al-Din Aḥmad ibn Majid (1432- 1500)

An Emirati geographer from Julfar (now Ras AlKhaimah). He is one of the most famous navigators of the fifteenth century. His writings and geographical inventions have amazed the world. The most significant of these is the magnetic compass, which he developed by adding a needle to determine the North direction. The compass was known in Europe only after the 15th century, possibly taken by the Portuguese who were the first to point out the magnitude and importance of Ibn Majid's geographical works. Ibn Majid was a precise and clear writer/scientist/scholar, and was amongst the first to write on marine science. He was interested in documenting information on local and monsoonal winds, as well as long distance coastal navigation. His works are documented in the form of verses of poetry. Due to the predominantly oral tradition of the time this is important, as poetry made his contributions easier to memorize and become available to others. An example of his works is Addenda on the Principles and Foundations of Maritime Science.

Dr. Jamal Al Muhairi

The Secretary General of the Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Outstanding Academic Performance (1998-present), and were Deputy Minister of Education (1998-2005), he has long history of helping the others.

Dr. Asma Mohamed AlKetbi

A scientist, novelist and writer, with a rich geographical heritage researches in both Arabic and English. She has a long history of volunteering. At some stage of her career life she served as a cultural attaché at the UAE Embassy in Washington, D.C. (2008-2009).

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