Who are we?

The Emirates Geographical Society (EGS) is a professional scientific society focusing on the geographical realm. It was founded by a group of Emirati geographers and professionals. In October 2009, EGS was recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and established its premises.

Vision & Mission


We will contribute to sustainable development through professional, academic and voluntary work, by focusing on humanity, culture and environment.


We will strive to promote society's understanding of the role of geography in achieving a sustainable environmental, cultural and developmental balance.


  • To improve geographical work through promoting research opportunities and supporting increased scientific, empirical and field analysis.
  • To develop and enhance geographical thought and theory, and contribute to scientific progress.
  • To organize field excursions within and outside UAE for scientific and exploratory purposes.
  • To promote and sponsor seminars, courses, lectures, and training programs for the work force in the broad field of geography.
  • To plan and support scientific conferences at the local, regional, and global levels.
  • To encourage social and professional networking between EGS’s members and those who work in the field both within and outside UAE.
  • To highlight the key areas in which Emiratis have contributed to the advancement of geography.
  • To Develop cooperation and the exchange of experiences and skills of the specialists and expatriates in UAE in the fields of geography, geographic information systems, remote sensing, maps, and digital technology.
  • To facilitate the exchange of scientific analysis and implement joint scientific projects locally, regionally and internationally.
  • To link local and resident expertise in geography with local and international institu-tions, by contributing to the provision of specialized consultancy.


Although urban, cultural and physical geography have in many ways contributed to the development of the UAE in the past, it was not until 1977 that the first University Geography Department was established in the country, at the University of the United Arab Emirates in Al Ain. This laid the foundation for a growing desire to initiate a Society for active professional and academic geographers, a dream of geographers throughout the 1980’s, but it was not until 2009 that things really started to develop. In that year Miss Afraa Al-Babteen, at the dinner of a ceremony in Kuwait, managed to convince Dr. Asma AlKetbi of the UAEU Geography Department, to establish a geographical association in the UAE. The timing was opportune as in 2008 enabling regulations for such societies had just been promulgated by the Ministry of Social Affairs. Without this, and without the enthusiastic support of faculty and students at UAEU it would not have been possible to launch the society.

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The Founders of EGS

Dr. Asma Al-Farraj AlKetbi
Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Al Ali
Dr. Jamal Mohammed Al Muhairi
Badur Mohammed Ali Al Hammadi
Dr. Mohammed Rashid Abou Alhamam
Marwan Abdul Rahman Al Ali
Dr. Saif Salem Hassan Saif Qayedi
Dr. Naima Mohammed AlHosni
Khaled Hussein Gharib
Jassim Mohammed Al-Qahtani
Majid Sultan Suleiman Zaabi
Hisa Rashid Ali Al Shamsi
Ali Rashid Mohammed Saleh Al Shamsi
AbdulRahman Abdul Jalil Bokhalaf
Ammar Omar Abdullah Buraiki
Ahmed Younsef Yousef Al Rida
Yousef Anad Ali Al Kaabi
Hassan Mohammed AlKetbi
Munira Mohamed Ahmed Al Shehhi
Mai Ali Abdul Rahman Al Shamsi

Founding Members

Board of Directors 2019-2021

Dr. Asma Al-Farraj AlKetbi


Dr. Bodor AlMuharami

Vice President

Fahd Al-Hammadi


Marwan Abdul Rahman Al- Ali


Dr. Saif Darwish