Recently Completed Projects

The most recently completed studies, dealing with caves, karst and interdune sabkha in the Rub’al Khali, all in the UAE, are best understood from the publications listed below. Interested persons can obtain copies and more information from

This is the list of published Projects

  • Philippe Audra1, Pavel Bosák, Fernando Gázquez, Didier Cailho, Roman Skála, Lenka Lisá, Šárka Jonášová, Amos Frumkin, Martin Knez, Tadej Slabe, Nadja Zupan Hajna, and Asma Al-Farraj, 2017, Bat urea-derived minerals in arid environment. First identification of allantoin, C4H6N4O3, in Kahf Kharrat Najem Cave, United Arab Emirates., International Journal of Speleology, Tampa, FL (USA). 46 (1), 81-92.
  • Christopher P. McKay1, Jon C. Rask, Angela M. Detweiler1, Brad M. Bebout, R. Craig Everroad1, Jackson Z. Lee1, Jeffrey P. Chanton, Marisa H. Mayer1, Adrian A. L. Caraballo1, Bennett Kapili1, Meshgan Al-Awar, Al-Farraj, A, 2016 , An Unusual Inverted Saline Microbial Mat Community in an Interdune Sabkha in the Rub' al Khali (the Empty Quarter), United Arab Emirates. PLOS ONE DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0150342 March 16, 2016.
  • Al-Farraj, A., Slabe, T., Knez, M., Gabrovsek, F., Mulec, J., Petric, M., Zupan Haina, N., 2014, Karst in Ras Al-Khaimah, Northern United Arab Emirates. ACTA CARSOLOGICA 43/1, 23–41, POSTOJNA
  • Zupan Hajna, N., Al-Farraj, A, Gabrovšek, F., Petrič, M., Slabe1,T., Knez, M., Mulec, J., 2013, Cave and Karst prospection in Ras Al-Khaimah Mountains, Northern United Arab Emirates.

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